EPES Care Services.

Dedicated to Providing the Best In-Home Health Care.


1. Cleaning

  • One off / spring cleaning - we can deep clean your house at any time

  • regular cleaning - We offer weekly, fortnightly or four weekly cleaning services

On every visit as standard we will


All rooms

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Dust picture frames and ornaments

  • Vacuum

  • Dust furniture, woodwork, shelves and skirting boards

  • Vacuum furniture including under seat cushions

  • Empty bins.



  • Clean worktops and wall tiles

  • Clean cooker front and hob

  • Clean outside large appliances

  • Clean inside microwave

  • Clean small appliances

  • Vacuum and wash hard floors.



  • Clean showers, bath, sink and tiled surfaces

  • Clean mirrors

  • Clean toilets

  • Polish chrome

  • Wash hard surface floors

2. Laundry

Whether you are just looking for a service wash or a full laundry service including ironing, we can cater for all your needs.

3. Ironing

A service with high quality, hand finished ironing at an affordable price delivered right to your door.

4. Shopping

Being able to shop for essentials is an important part of staying well and independent. We support people to be in control of their purchases with our grocery delivery and escorted supermarket shopping services.

5. Hospital / GP appointments escort services

We will get you there and back. If you are alone and feel nervous about leaving the house to attend medical appointments, especially if you’re worried about getting lost and confused in a large and busy hospital, then we will be pleased to accompany you to ensure you get to your appointment safely and on time. If appropriate, you may like to provide permission for us to be present during the consultation so that we can make a written record of what was said to help you to remember or to give to a family member. Following the appointment, if there is a need to collect prescribed medicines and set-up a repeat prescription service with your local pharmacy we can take care of these tasks for you.

If you are a family member living some distance from an elderly relative who needs to be accompanied to a medical appointment but you can’t take the time off work, or finding the time is going to prove extremely difficult, or you don’t want to use valuable annual leave to spend the day driving for miles and hanging round a hospital, then we can escort your relative for you. You can relax knowing that your relative is in safe hands and will be accompanied every step of the way, from their front door to their appointment and back home.


If someone needs assistance in order for them to be able to attend a social function that they don’t want to miss, then we can accompany them on these occasions too, stay discreetly on site while they’re there and ensure they get home safely when it’s over.

6.  Companionship

We can support with hobbies and interests, attending events and shows, concierge services and running errands or just popping around for a cup of tea and a good chat.

7.   House sitting

  • Going away and leaving the house empty? Worried about the plants or veggie garden?

  • Who will deal with any problems or take that delivery you are expecting?


We can house sit your property to suit your requirements – for example during probate, while empty to preclude squatters, if your insurers require a custodian / guardian, during renovation work, to provide a ‘waiting in’ service for deliveries or if for any reason you need your home caring for while you are absent.


Your house sitter will:

  • keep your home neat and tidy as you left it
  • Pick up the post

  • Enhance your home security by being there virtually the whole time – so that your house never looks as though you’re away

  • Set alarms and ensure all your normal security procedures are followed to the letter

  • Do some basic garden maintenance

  • Handle household emergencies such as a burst pipe / broken window / fallen tree – quickly, calmly and professionally

  • Accept deliveries on your behalf

  • Escort tradesmen around your property (with your prior approval) allowing them to provide quotations for you

  • Guardian services – your insurers may require your property never be left unattended and that strict security procedures be followed. Your Animal Aunt can carry out these duties

  • Water your house plants (and look after your vegetable garden)