House Sitting

House Sitting

House sitting

  • Going away and leaving the house empty? Worried about the plants or veggie garden?

  • Who will deal with any problems or take that delivery you are expecting?


We can house sit your property to suit your requirements – for example during probate, while empty to preclude squatters, if your insurers require a custodian / guardian, during renovation work, to provide a ‘waiting in’ service for deliveries or if for any reason you need your home caring for while you are absent.


Your house sitter will:

  • keep your home neat and tidy as you left it
  • Pick up the post

  • Enhance your home security by being there virtually the whole time – so that your house never looks as though you’re away

  • Set alarms and ensure all your normal security procedures are followed to the letter

  • Do some basic garden maintenance

  • Handle household emergencies such as a burst pipe / broken window / fallen tree – quickly, calmly and professionally

  • Accept deliveries on your behalf

  • Escort tradesmen around your property (with your prior approval) allowing them to provide quotations for you

  • Guardian services – your insurers may require your property never be left unattended and that strict security procedures be followed. Your Animal Aunt can carry out these duties

  • Water your house plants (and look after your vegetable garden)